A constant and attentive gaze at innovations and eco-sustainability in the display sector

Since 2015, 3D printing technology dedicated to large “props” objects has been added to the company activities: an innovative method which has revolutionized the creative and production process in the worldwide display sector. The registration of the SUN D brand led to highlight the principle of eco-sustainability of the project, since the material used – PLA (Polylactic Acid, a thermoplastic polymer obtained from corn or sugar cane) – is a bioplastic with a biodegradable ecological 100% compostable principle.

A further commitment has been to apply the 3D printing technology to the creation of a mannequin with an innovative design process: starting from the processing with a digital software and moving on to the prototyping in scale, it has been possible to carry out the project obtaining a considerable saving of energy, time and costs.

Our commitment in the plastic wire colouring experiments to reduce costs and environmental impact is strong, as it is also in the study and the research to create surface finishing results comparable to those obtained with traditional processes.


An innovative attempt to create a connection between online and offline sales

There is a considerable increase in the number of people who buy through the e-commerce platform in our present society. This phenomenon competes with traditional retail stores, leading them to crisis.

Due to our consolidated experience in the retail project management, we developed the idea of the “experience shop”. It combines the convenience of online shopping with the uniqueness of the shopping experience which can only be enjoyed in a retail store, through events and dedicated entertainment.

This is how the Candy’s Lab project was created: our registered trademark which meets the new needs of a constantly evolving lifestyle.

An experimental shop offers the opportunity to experience the product up close, trying it with great entertainment which help the conclusion of the sale. This is also thanks to the online information already acquired previously or on site with the support of a touchscreen table. This technology is dedicated to the research of the product in the store, without generating the commitment of shopping with heavy loads, since delivery will arrive at home by courier the “next day”.

Another avant-garde element of the experimental shop consists in periodically creating — in harmony with the releases of new product collections — an evocative image of the visual display to develop attractiveness and connection between the brand and the customers.