Candy’s International s.r.l. is an Italian service and strategic consultancy company specialized in offering solutions for the internationalization of business and production projects in the Lifestyle industry. The company operates in a very dynamic and versatile way between Western and Eastern markets, with a special focus on the Chinese market.

Founded in 2009 in Italy, the company has carried out a number of projects for important European and Asian clients, especially in the textile industry for high-end clothing brands and in the fields of visual merchandising and display, shop furniture, marketing materials and other related fields.

At present, the multisector approach is the winning strategy of Candy’s International. The company makes a difference on the market as it is able to follow complex projects, creating global synergies and efficiency.


Our main target clients are:

  • Western professionals who would like to enter the big Asian market to whom we offer support for study, strategy and implementation of projects;
  • Asian professionals, mainly Chinese, who want to establish reliable and long-lasting relationships with the West, in particular with Italy.


  • Style

    Our Italian origin is a privilege: creativity and the research of beauty characterize our operative method and are at the basis of our choices in managing each project.

  • Innovation

    A sense of initiative and the ability to renew constantly are the principles that distinguish us from others. Our commitment does not stop at the interest in technological developments but goes beyond to the study of innovative production processes and of the socio-economic context.

  • Global efficiency

    The present economic market is devoid of borders, our mentality too. Implementing projects with flexibility, adapting to the new demands of the market, cutting the barriers of time, costs and distances are our added values.

  • Eco-sustainability

    Ecological responsibility towards the planet we live in and a strong social sense are at the basis of our choices on new investment areas. Attention to the research and use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies extends our win-win approach to the respect for the environment.

Featured project
2 November 2017

Visual merchandising and display

Candy’s is specialized in a number of areas: 1. Materials and workmanships Wood Plastic (ABS, PVC, PET, PC, PS, plexiglass) Metal Textile Paper Fiberglass 2. Technologies Electronical Mechanical Moulding ((
Featured project
2 November 2017

Total Look for Fashion products

The purpose of our services is to express a mood by matching clothing and accessories to create a unique, exclusive and complete style. Candy’s offers technical and operational support to
Featured project
2 November 2017

Materials for marketing and gadgets for events

An ever-changing market requires strategies to support sales and secure customer loyalty. Candy’s engages in the proposal and production of marketing material for shops and promotional gadgets for events, such
Featured project
2 November 2017

Shop furniture and Contract

Production of customized retail spaces, construction and assembly of stores all over the world, with a production capacity in the following areas: materials for shop furniture in wood and metal
Featured project
2 November 2017

Services for the e-commerce in the Fashion industry

Buying and selling online is part of the new lifestyle: Candy’s gives support to clients in all the activities necessary to implement a project, from the feasibility studies to the
Featured project
2 November 2017

Food & Beverage

Our services stretch from market analysis to logistic support, from the solution of customs problems to the establishment of distribution channels for the Italian products in the Chinese market. Our