Candy’s International S.r.l. is an Italian company mainly specialised in the fashion and luxury sector which proposes solutions to brands with a developed globally retail distribution system.

Founded in Italy in 2009, the company has been able to innovate and improve continuously, building a strong team made of technical and managerial staff capable of carrying out projects with 360-degree solutions: from the design studio to the production of prototypes, from technical and technological choices for manufacturing to logistics management and worldwide deliveries in accordance with each individual country standard criteria, as well as after-sales services.

Since 2015, 3D printing technology dedicated to large “props” objects has been added to the company activities: an innovative method which has revolutionized the creative and production process in the worldwide display sector.

Since a couple of years, the company has dedicated its resources to the development of a green system for the retail, taking care in a coordinated way of marketing initiatives in the following area: from shop furnishings to visual merchandising, from consumables to items for events, studying effective solutions to better exploit the benefits derived from the online-offline sales synergy.

Innovation is the oxygen that we breathe, and the ongoing challenge is the engine of our growth.


We accompany you towards success. With us you will have one more chance to concretely develop your projects in multiple solutions and in a coordinated way.

Our main target audience:

  • Medium-high size brands, with a large worldwide retail distribution network, especially in the fashion and luxury sector, in which a perfect balance between style and design together with a very limited production timeframe are required.
  • Professional creative studios: we help them creating projects in a useful and complete manner and increasing the success rate of their designs.
  • Manufacturing companies seeking to improve their efficiency, to increase the radius of action and to expand the product range.
  • Private and public entities looking for creative and operational support for architectural projects and finding a good solution in our 3D printing service.


  • Style

Creativity is part of our Italian origin. Style is the starting point from which we carry out our projects.
Our in-house team, together with the support of our partners – with whom we have long-term partnership – form a solid foundation capable of supporting any type of request with effective answers.

  • Innovation

The spirit of initiative and the ability to constantly innovate are the principles that distinguish us from the others. Our commitment goes beyond the pure interest in technological developments, and it extends to the research of innovative production processes and to the study of the socio-economic context.

  • Global efficiency

The current market is borderless, as our mentality is. We realize our projects in a flexible way, adapting our process to the new needs of geographically distinct markets, with solutions that break down the barriers of time, space and costs. This is our added value.

  • Eco-sustainability

The ecological responsibility towards our planet and the strong social sense are at the basis of our decisions to head toward new investment sectors. Our attention to research and to the use of environmentally sustainable materials and technologies enlarges our win-win commercial strategy to the respect of the environment.