Specialized productions and global services


Having solid structures for industrial processes specialized in retail furnishing projects and window displays is today an essential requirement of the market.

Our in-house facilities are organized in technical departments, which are capable of developing prototypes and productions with multiple processing of materials, such as metal, wood, plastic. High level automation machines and long-standing experience complete our offer.

The choice of materials is based on the functional and aesthetic needs of the product, considering cost-effectiveness, transport, and logistics.

For working on metallic materials, we are organized with laser or non-laser cutting, folding, welding, polishing, up to the mechanical realization of the product. The same in-house processes are also available for wood and plastic, each one with dedicated production lines. For further aesthetic finishes, we invested in modern painting systems with ecological solutions, powder or liquid, chromium plating, transfer, or silk-screen printing. All to obtain a high-quality result combined with the processing of different sectors and short delivery times.


Plastic is a material with a flexible composition, economic, easy-to-use to create the most varied forms and further workable with stylish and convenient finishes.

The solutions are endless: plexiglass, ABS, PVC, PET, PC, PS, pre-formed plates, or serial production with industrial bespoke molds. After a careful feasibility study, the wide available technical resources allow considered choices, making our services globally competitive.

Technologies such as injection molding, blow molding or thermoforming allow the creation of an object with an excellent compromise between shape, size, function, and aesthetics. With the possibility of being further finished with a wide range of effects: glossy, matte, mirrored, painted, or printed.

We have also always been careful and sensitive about the conscientious use of plastic, favoring the recyclable one.


Our effectiveness and ability to combine craftsmanship with modern technologies allow us to create bespoke visual displays, worked manually or adapted in series.

A highly specialized department — made up of master craftsmen in the wood, paper, and fabric sector — stands out for its ability to provide creations with surprising details.

We work with every type of fabric, from knitwear to eco-leather.

We create paper flowers with complex shapes.

Further processing with sequins, pearls, studs, rhinestones, and all that is needed to decorate and dress up visual tools with a tailored look are provided.

A 2.0 laboratory where it is possible to mix tradition and innovation.


An aesthetic, eye-catching and well refined finishing is essential for a visual display. Working with a wide range of materials, we are able to design and develop unique finishes.

Thanks to many years of experience in and in-depth knowledge of visual merchandising strategies, we offer highly customized solutions.

From matte and glossy painting, powder or liquid, to oven or water plating. From gradient effects to holographic ones, from fluorescent to textural look.

Flocking or lamination with any type of fabric. Silkscreen or transfer printing.

Depending on your need there are really no limits to the infinite finishing solutions that can be included in an industrialized or more artisanal process.

A team of designers, attentive to the trends of the window display sector, always supervises each phase to provide high-quality and original results and is capable of enhancing the brand value.


Movement can make a display “dynamic”.

Building “ingenious” operations in the limited space of a window display requires methods and technology as well as a consolidated experience in the sector.

A moving showcase is “alive” and awakes the customer’s “curiosity”, creating a connection between the viewer and the product. It is a field in which science and mechanic applied engineering join computer graphics and virtual reality systems through the development of dedicated softwares. Inside the shop window, moving objects can follow trajectories in a circular, horizontal, vertical, combined direction, playing on the sensory level of the viewer.

It is an innovative, funny, and empathetic tool which is able to support brands in increasing their recognition and the customer loyalty.