Who we are

Candy's International is an Italian service company acting between China and Italy.

The company has a ten year experience in Fashion and Food fields and its actions are concentrated in  commercial and production field.

The products that we deal with are medium / high level products and a special attention is devoted to the luxury sector and to the Life Style.

The company's strength is based on a solid background that provides important support to the strategic choices of its customers.

The history of the company is a source of real wealth and the network of knowledge accumulated through years of experience  allows to achieve effective results through synergies globally connected.

The horizon broad and flexible allows the company to constantly update the latest most advanced news worldwide.

The company's staff has a deep knowledge of both markets, both technical and socio-cultural and the excellent professional preparation, the constant updating and use of more innovative tools, means that client will reach maximum efficiency in order to erase the objective distance between the two worlds, the Chinese and the Italian one.

Candy's International
Via Giuseppe Delfini 56
44122 Ferrara - Italy
P.IVA. 01785730381

Tel: 0039 0532 902143